Friday, June 30, 2017

Picture Day, Bowling

Today Memaw got the girls because she wanted to get their pictures taken with Tyler before he went off to college next year. When they came over they did the Mosaic tiles that Memaw had bought them. They each had 6 to do.
Ellie did 2 and Maddie did one.
When they got done we left to meet Tyler at Chick-fila to eat before pictures.
Here they are playing Lego's while Memaw looked at the pictures.
When we were done looking at them we had a half hour to wait for them so we went to Sweet Frog to get a treat.
Here is some of the pictures.
After we got home and Papaw got home he picked some green beans that Maddie helped him break.
Shortly later we took Ellie home and Maddie stayed the night because Memaw promised since Ellie did last week that she could this week. After we ate we took Maddie bowling. She has so much fun playing.
When she got home she got a bath and relaxed.
Then she was getting tired so she went to lay down to watch tv.
Here was Maddie when we went to eat at Nice Restaurant on Saturday morning before we took her home.