Friday, June 23, 2017

Weekly Post

This week the girls had Hero Camp at the A&E bldg. Here they are before they went on Wednesday.
Here Ellie was when Memaw came to get them.
Here was Maddie.
Here they are when they went in for a few minutes before leaving.
Here they are before they left.
Then they had Library. Here Maddie is with her free book.
Here is Ellie waiting.
Here was Maddie and Ellie yesterday when Memaw picked them up from camp.
They showed Memaw their shield they had been working on. Ellie's first them Maddie's.

When they got home Maddie laid around with Papaw.
Today Mom picked the girls up from camp. Then we went to lunch together. Ellie stayed the night with Memaw tonight. She brought her shield and mask to show Memaw.
This afternoon she wanted to rest and watch the Annie movie.
When Uncle Nick got off work we went to eat.
She played a few machines there.
When we got home she made a choker.
 Here she is after her bath playing with the magnetic dolls.