Monday, June 19, 2017

Strike And Spare- Bowling, Bumper Cars, And Arcade

First up here is how the rocks came out.
Here is the girls when they first got here. Memaw had gotten them each another Lalaloopy set.

Today Memaw along with Uncle Nick and cousin Tyler with the girls went to a new place called Strike and Spare. It is a place that has all kinds activities for the family. When we first got there and we were waiting on Tyler the girls played in the arcade area.
They each won several duckies. Ellie 3 and Maddie 4.
After getting all their tickets together they took them to cash in for prizes. Maddie got a slinky,and 3 smarties, and Ellie a fan, slinky.
Then they went to bowl. Ellie just watched.
Maddie was excited when she got a spare.
Here is some pictures Memaw took of the girls, Memaw, Nick and Tyler.
Maddie was excited to beat Tyler.
Then the girls went to the bumper cars.
Then they played Lazer Tag with Tyler. No pictures. Ellie was excited to tell Memaw she won. Then we ate there and then left to meet Mom. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Definitely a place we will return to.