Thursday, June 15, 2017

Crystal Rock, Library Rocket Craft, More Camp

On Tuesday when Ellie got up she held on to her stuffed dog that she had for awhile here. She had to sleep with it last night.
She took it to Bible Study too. Maddie was at camp.
On our way home Memaw picked up some rock crystal kits. The girls worked on it after lunch. It is rocks that is suppose to turn into crystals. Maddie got the orange one.
Ellie's is green.
This is what they suppose to look like.
Since Ellie spent the night on Monday, Maddie wanted to stay the night on Tuesday. Here she is after a bath and ready before we went to bed.
When Mom brought Ellie over on Wednesday she brought Maddie's clothes. They had a disagreement with them and upset Maddie. Here Bailey is trying to comfort her.
Ellie had to have a picture with him too.
On Wednesday Maddie had camp again. After she came home and they ate lunch they went to the Library for crafts. They made rockets they shot off. First they got their prizes for reading. Then they looked for books.
Here is their rockets and them shooting them off.
Today Camp for Maddie was the Charlestown Family Park. She wanted to try skating.
Here she is when Ellie and Memaw came to get her. She got a t-shirt too. They got to eat ice cream Popsicles before they left. Here they are with Emily.
When we got home Ellie started messing with her loose tooth. She messed with it all afternoon. It hadn't come out by the time she left.
They made Father's Day cards for their Dad today.
Memaw took pictures of their rocks and how they are growing crystals so far. They wanted Memaw to keep them in the water till they come back over.
They surprising are growing.