Monday, June 12, 2017

Sports Camp, Sand Art, Guitar Lessons

This week Maddie has Sports Camp. Today she had Soccer. Here she is before and then after. A little tired and hot after.
Ellie stayed with Memaw. Here she is in her princess crown she got last night at the Bats game.
Here she is pointing to her tree in which has grown 2 inches. She watered it today too. It measured at 16 and a half.
We stopped at the Dollar Store and got some sand art that the girls been wanting to do.
Here is Ellie's.
Here is Maddie's.
After we ate dinner Mom took Maddie to Cross Country and Memaw took Ellie to Guitar lessons.
Here Ellie wanted Memaw to take a picture of her sitting on the throne.
Here is Ellie after she got back home. She stayed the night with Memaw so she got her bath.