Monday, June 5, 2017

Summer Break Begins

Today was the first week the girls were out for summer break. Mom brought them over this morning around 7:15 while she went to a training session lasting till Wednesday, then she starts at IUS. They laid around when they first got there.
Then they played with their IPADS.
Then around 9 they wanted to play games. First Chutes and Ladders per Maddie request.
Then we played My Monopoly. Monopoly game that had Ellie's 2nd grade class on it. We played awhile with that.
Then Ellie wanted to make cookies.
After playing around and eating lunch then Maddie wanted to color and paint.
Then they wanted to play with the Kinectic sand.
When Uncle Nick went out to water the garden Maddie went with him to water Ellie's tree. It has grown a half inch. It measured at 15 and a half.
Then she was acting silly and was hugging the tree.
Ellie had guitar lesson tonight after mom got off so Maddie stayed with Memaw. She helped Memaw cook.
Then she read 2 books for her reading points.
After mom and Ellie got back and ate dinner they left.