Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ellie's FCA Celebration

Elie had her FCA Celebration at the Charlestown Fun Park. The first hour they let them do what they wanted. Here is Ellie with Meghan's girls Emily and Piper.
Here Ellie was getting wet.
Here Ellie was sitting with Lucy Hammond.
Here Ellie was with McKinley Spencer.
Here Ellie stopped for a snack.
The last hour they went to listen the the guest speaker. Chandler Dale a Christian from UL baseball team.
Here Ellie is with Emily and Chandler.

JJ's Field Day

Today Ellie and Maddie had their Field Day at school. Memaw work with the K-2nd grade. Memaw didn't get to get many pictures of Ellie because of being older and in another area. Here is Maddie in her first station. Duck Duck Splash.
Here she is at Memaw station bouncing a ball around a cone.
Then she stood in line to shoot the basketball.
Here is is Maddie with her Cousin Stella Berger and her friend.
Here Maddie is eating a Popsicle.
Here Maddie is kicking the soccer ball to goal.
Here found Ellie.
Here Maddie is waiting for the wet sponge to pass.
Here is a couple more pictures Mom sent Memaw.