Friday, May 26, 2017

Maddie's Kindergarten Graduation/ Celebration

Today Maddie had her graduation from Kindergarten. Here is when they first brought them in the gym.
Here they are performing.
Afterwards they went to shake Principal Mrs Bach hand.
Here cousin Stella Berger was in her class here.She is with Mrs Bach.
Here she is waiting for all the kids to go through.
Here she is with Papaw and Memaw.
Here she is by herself.
Here Stella is with her daddy Robert.
Here Maddie is with Stella.
Here she is with mom.
Here she is with her friend Emmett and Layla.
Here she is with Mom and Cameron and his mom Jamie Lee.
Here she is with her Preschool teacher, Mrs Latham. We all were surprised to see her and Maddie was so happy.

Ellie's School Field Trip- Historic Walk Through Charlestown

Today Memaw went on the Historic walk through Charlestown with Ellie and the 3rd graders. Here is Ellie before we took off, and one with Memaw.
Here is Ellie after we had to walk up a hill to the cemetery. She was complaining about the hill. She is not a walker.
Here is the memorial statue of Jonathan Jennings.
The first house they went to use to be a jailhouse back in the late 1800.
This house is the property that Watson built after they tore down a log cabin. It was where they had the a ball for the Governor.
Here Ellie is standing by the house.
Here is a old hotel back in the early 1900.
Here is where the blacksmith did his work.
Here is where a lawyer lived.
Here where our City Hall is now used to be where they had their opera house.
Here is Ellie saying she was over the walk and was tired.
Here Ellie is when we got done.
Then she wanted one with her friend Kendall.