Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weekly Post, Mom's Birthday

On Tuesday Memaw picked the girls up after school and kept them for awhile. Here they are reading their books in Memaw's hammock.
Then Maddie decide to go in and read and Ellie stayed on the hammock.
After they ate they played with the people.
On Thursday here they are reading their books while waiting in the car line at school.
Yesterday Memaw picked them up from school. Here Maddie is showing Ellie a reading game she learned at school.
When Papaw got home we took them to Pizza Company to eat.
Shortly after we got home mom called to see if girls wanted to spend the night. Here is Ellie making mom a Birthday card for her birthday today.
Here's Maddie making hers.
After Maddie got a bath she wanted to play on the computer.
Ellie just took it easy with Bailey.
Here they are this morning after they woke up. Watching tv.
After everyone was up and ready we took them to the Nice Restaurant.
Then they came home to play with Barbies till Mom and Dad came to get them around 12.
Here they are with Mom giving her their cards.