Sunday, April 23, 2017

Singing In The Rain

This weekend the girls were in their school play "Singing in the Rain". They both did so good. Maddie was a little nervous and didn't know if she would do it. Here are some pictures from the play.
Here they were back stage ready to go on. Ellie doing what she does best posing and Maddie all smiles.
Here Maddie is up on stage.

Here Ellie is on stage.
Here the girls are after the play with some of their friends and cast members. Ellie with Abby.
Ellie and Maddie with Morgan.
Ellie and Maddie with Blair Kaelin.
Ellie and Maddie with Christian.
Maddie with Taylor and McKenna.
Then they got picture with their cousin Mrs. Stettenbenz.
Here they are with Memaw.
They both did so good. Memaw was so very proud of them.