Friday, April 14, 2017

Weekly Post

This week at school the girls had special days in honor of doing ISEP'S on Friday. On Monday it was wear your favorite team shirt.
On Tuesday was silly hair day. The girls didn't want to do anything to their hair.
On Wednesday was mix match day.
On Thursday was hat day.
Maddie wanted to sit by Papaw with her hat because that was her last day with him in the morning. He starts back to work on Monday.
That night Ellie had guitar lessons and mom ask if we could keep Maddie. When we met them we took her to 62 Twist to eat.
When we came home Papaw had some onions and cabbage to plant. Maddie wanted to help.
After we planted some flowers out front she wanted to water them. Love how she is sticking out her tongue.
Today Ellie came over before school this morning. Memaw went to work and Papaw took her to Copper Kettle to eat a good breakfast. Mom asked him last night if he could take her so she can get a good breakfast before ISEP Tests.