Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Post And Valentine Parties

On Monday Papaw had a Dr. appt.,so he rode with Memaw to take the girls to school then we went.
On Tuesday the girls wore their Singing in the Rain shirts.
On Monday Maddie had fell at school and busted her chin. Here she is with Papaw showing Memaw her chin on Tuesday.
Here Maddie is reading to Papaw on Wednesday.
Here is Maddie and Ellie in one of their Valentine outfits today.
Here Maddie is laying on Ellie watching her IPAD, a rarity.
Today the girls had their Valentine Parties at school. With Papaw being off he went to Maddie's and Memaw went to Ellie's. Here is Memaw with Ellie.
Here is Ellie with her Valentine Box.
Here is Ellie doing her first game. Using chop sticks and picking up candy heart and putting in cup.
Then they had to make a tic-tac-toe game out of graham crackers and play with hearts. She played with Jonathan.
Then they had to roll a dice to see what they had to do with their hearts, 8 hearts wins.
Then they ate their snacks.
Here is Papaw at Maddie's party.
Here Maddie is with her box,
Here she is playing throw a dart through a heart.
Then she had to put a mustache on Miss Harbin blindfolded.
Here she is walking with hearts on a spoon to cup.
Here she was playing BINGO.
Here she decorated 2 hearts.
Then she ate her snack.
Papaw checked her out early and Ellie had to stay for a Student Council meeting. Here Maddie is with Papaw checking out her stuff.