Sunday, April 30, 2017

Craft Night, Church

Last night Ellie and Maddie spent the night. They came over around 5 so mom and dad could chaperone the prom at her school. When they got here we got them something to eat then they took a bath. When Maddie first got here she wanted to color in her book.
After their baths they wanted to do some crafts. Maddie first made a sun on a plate.
Then Ellie wanted to make a Derby hat.
Then Maddie wanted to make an All About Me Book.
Before we went to bed Maddie wanted to read Memaw a book instead of Memaw reading one to her.
She did so good.
Here the girls are ready for church this morning.
Memaw and Papaw had to greet this morning so Maddie sat with Uncle Nick.
Ellie wanted to greet with us till they had to go to class.
After church Ellie picked Cracker Barrel to eat.
Then we came home and they played for a while. Then Ellie planted her evergreen tree she got from school on Earth Day.
Maddie wanted to water it.
Here Ellie is next to her tree. It measured 15 inches. We will see how big it gets.
They played a little bit longer then mom came to get them around 2:30.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Congratulations David And Katie

Tonight we went to some friends wedding. Can't believe little David has grown up and is getting married. Here is David's grandma and granddad, Juanita and David walking in.
Here is his mom and dad, Melissa and Scott.
Here is his sister Maranda and niece Cassidy.
Here is some highlights of the wedding.
Then we went to the reception next door in the Fellowship Hall. Here is a picture of Ellie while we were waiting on them. They at least let us eat before they got there.
Here are some pictures of the girls with Memaws and Papaw.
Here is the girls with their mom.
Here is David and Katie walking into the reception.
Here Ellie is dancing with David.
Here is Ellie after she caught the bouquet. She is getting good at catching them. She now has 3 of them.
Here the couple is cutting the cake. It was such a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Singing In The Rain

This weekend the girls were in their school play "Singing in the Rain". They both did so good. Maddie was a little nervous and didn't know if she would do it. Here are some pictures from the play.
Here they were back stage ready to go on. Ellie doing what she does best posing and Maddie all smiles.
Here Maddie is up on stage.

Here Ellie is on stage.
Here the girls are after the play with some of their friends and cast members. Ellie with Abby.
Ellie and Maddie with Morgan.
Ellie and Maddie with Blair Kaelin.
Ellie and Maddie with Christian.
Maddie with Taylor and McKenna.
Then they got picture with their cousin Mrs. Stettenbenz.
Here they are with Memaw.
They both did so good. Memaw was so very proud of them.