Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ellie's Goat Show

Ellie was in her first goat show today. Here she is with the goats before she went in.
Here she was waiting for them to call for her class.
Walking in.
Showing. Ellie won first place for her division for this goat named Buddy.
 Then she showed her other goat Mary.
Then she came back in for showmanship champion in which she didn't win.
When she got done she came to sit with Memaw for a bit.
Then Maddie got to walk the goat with her friend Layla through the arena for practice.
When they were done Memaw, Mom, Dad, girls, Grandma, Melissa Pierce and Maranda with Cassidy went to eat at Cracker Barrel.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

4H Fair Rides

Tonight Memaw & Papaw met up with mom and Ellie. Maddie went with Dad to the pig show. Mom invited Addie with her kids to ride with Ellie. Here is Naomi with Ellie.
Here they were having fun before Memaw and Papaw left.
After Memaw left Maddie got on some rides.
They seemed to enjoyed themselves tonight. Always love to see laughter and smiles.
Here are 2 pictures Memaw took while they were over her house today. Maddie first came in and said she didn't like Memaw's new couch set but later like the recliner.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Battle Of The Barns

Tonight Ellie and Maddie played some competition games at the 4 H. There were 9 teams. Ellie was a little scared to do much. Here they are with their shirts on different teams.
Here Maddie was walking with an egg on a spoon.
Here Ellie was doing looking for puzzle pieces in a bucket.
Here is Maddie.
Here is Maddie doing the water game.
Here is Ellie just walking around while they did competition.
Maddie was so cute doing the tug of war.
Here is Ellie while the teams did their tug of war.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

4H Projects, Ellie's Fashion Review

Tonight Memaw looked for the girls 4 projects each that they did for the 4 H. Here is Maddie's 4.
Here is her Cupcakes, Photography Poster, Collections, & Craft.
Ellie done 3 projects, Art, Gift Wrap, Cake Decorating. The 4th one was her fashion review. 
Here is Ellie before she started her fashion review.
Tonight she had to model her outfit on stage for fashion review. She won reserved champion- second place. So proud of her. Her cousin Shelby won too in her division.
Ellie was so excited and got so tickled about winning.