Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sleepover- Visit to Joan's, Church, Out To Eat

Yesterday Dawn and Bob brought over the girls around 1:30. They were heading to Tennessee to the funeral home because a friend's-Christy Hammond sister had died. They spent the night. When they got here we headed to Memaw's sister house Joan. Papaw was helping her go through Paul's clothes. When we got there she was watching Paul's great niece Charlotte. Here are the girls playing with her.
Here Ellie is with Joan.
Then the girls wanted Frisch's to eat. Maddie wanted her picture taken with the Big Boy because she said that is what she does when she goes with Mom and Dad
When we got home they got showers. Here is Ellie reading after she got done.
Then they laid around till bed time.
Here they are after they got up and ate and got dress for church.
Memaw and Papaw had to greet this morning so the girls helped till it was time to go to Sunday School.
When church was over then we went to Cracker Barrel to eat. Here the girls are are the way home.
After we came home, mom came shortly later to get them.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Weekly Post

Here is Maddie playing in the sandbox on Monday after Memaw picked her up from school.
Also on Monday was the 16th year since the 9-11 plane crashes. Memaw was letting the girls watch videos in the car line. I told them that they will probably talk about it at school. Maddie got in the car when I picked her up and said that they watched 3 videos on it. Then she preceded to tell Memaw that she cried watching them. This is not usually Maddie. She isn't usually sentimental. So sweet.
On Tuesday Ellie brought over her sign for running for student council. She took it in to school.
On Wednesday Mom dropped off Maddie for Memaw to take her to dance. She wanted Memaw to see her new outfit.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sleepover- Halloween Store, Grandparents Day

Last night the girls spent the night. Maddie had a Birthday card to give to Papaw that she wanted to give him.
Here she is with Bailey. She wanted a picture with him.
Memaw had picked Maddie up from school. When mom picked up Ellie later she brought Ellie over.  We went to Pizza King.

When we got home the girls got their showers. Then they wanted a snack.
Then they got relaxed and watch the movie Boss Baby.
Then they went to bed. they both slept good. When they got up they ate and played a bit before we left to do some things. First up we went to the mall to Justice to get Ellie an outfit for Memaw's house.
Here she was showing Memaw some things that she wanted for her Birthday or Christmas.
Then we went to Chic-fil-a for lunch. Here is a picture of Maddie with Papaw and Uncle Nick. Memaw caught food in Papaw's mouth.
We had some time before we had to be at Toy'R'Us for Grandparents Day so we stopped at the Halloween store by it. Here are some pictures of the girls there.
Then Maddie showed Memaw what outfit she wanted to be.
Then we went next store to the Old Tyme Pottery to look for some new fall decorations.
Then we went to the Toy'R' Us. The girls were so excited looking around and letting Memaw know what they liked.
Then it was time for the Grandparent's Day event. They colored pictures for Memaw and Papaw. Memaw asked if they wanted to do one for Grandma too. So they did. Here is the ones they did for Memaw and Papaw. They put their hand prints on a heart also for us.
Then then took pictures of us. Here is the pictures Nick took for us. The ones they took was little.
Then Memaw let them each pick out a small toy.
Then we took the girls home.