Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Today Dawn, Bob, Maddie, Ellie, Tyler, Shannon, Derrione came over for Christmas. When they got here we ate at 12:00. The neighbor had made the girls some Santa bags. Memaw used them for stocking stuffers.
Here is Ellie's stuffers.
Here is Maddie's stuffers.
Here is Maddie with Tyler after they ate.
Here is Memaw with Tyler, Ellie and Maddie.
They love their technologies.
Here is Mom with Aunt Shannon and Uncle Nick.
Here Mom is with Memaw. Aunt Shannon and Uncle Nick.
Here is Ellie and Maddie opening gifts after dinner.
Checking out their Santa bag.
Memaw got Maddie's some Junie B Jones books she wanted to read. Caught her reading one already.
Here Ellie was listening to music and singing with it.
Here Aunt Shannon is with Mom.
Here Ellie and Maddie is with Tyler and Shannon.
We had a great day and everyone seemed happy with everything they got. Memaw is so blessed.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Maddie's School Christmas Party

First up the girls found the Elf in a Barbie car yesterday.
Today was Maddie's Christmas party at school. Mom and Memaw was able to go. Here is Maddie when we got there.
Here she is is with Mom and Memaw.
Here she is reading a letter she got back from Santa in response to her letter. They wrote letters and Dawn's class students replied to the students.
Here she is at her first station making a reindeer. Mom helped her make it.
Here she is getting ready to play Left, Right story next to Taylor her friend.
Here she is with Taylor.
Here she was at the station where someone rolled the dice to see what piece to draw on the snowman. Here is Maddie's in which she added arms and a scarf.
Here she had to fish for a candy cane.
Here she was checking out her goodie bag.
Here she was eating her snack.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Making Cookies

First up on Thursday the girls found the Elf in a Kleenex box.
Memaw had to pick Maddie up from school on Friday. She found the Elf in the wreath.
Today she was on a shelf in the bathroom with toilet paper hanging from her.
Today the girls came over to help finish up the last 2 kinds of cookies for Memaw.Shortbread and Peanut Butter Blossoms.