Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rachel Roach Baby Shower

Today the girls went to a baby shower with Memaw. It was for Memaw nephew's wife Rachel Roach. When we got there the girls helped decorate.
Then Aunt Gina had brought some diapers for everyone to put a cute saying on them for the parents.
Here is the beautiful Mom to be.
Here she is with her mom.
Here are the people who was there.
Here is Tyler's Mom Aunt Gina and some friends.
Here is Aunt Joan.
Here Memaw is with Ellie.
Rachel asked the girls if they would help open the gifts. They were excited about that.
Memaw's diaper cakes gift.
Here the girls are with Memaw.
Here Tyler is opening a gift he got.
Here he is with Rachel. He came to help load up.

Weekly Post-Sleepover

On Monday when Maddie came over Memaw gave her one of her Birthday gifts early. She was wanting Ellie's Flipsee doll soMemaw went ahead and gave hers to her.
On Wednesday Mom went out of town to St Louis for a writing conference. Memaw took Maddie to dance and Dad came to get Ellie. Here they are ready to go.
After Maddie came home Memaw got her a bath and then a snack.
On Thursday Memaw had gotten then some new things to play with. Here Maddie is playing with a beauty kit and Ellie with an American Girls doll paper doll. They both were excited about them.
On Thursday Memaw picked the girls up from school. They came home and did their homework.
Here Maddie is beautifying herself after dinner.
Ellie played with her American Girls stuff till Dad came.
On Friday Memaw picked them up from school again and they spent the night. Ellie wanted Pizza Company for supper.
Then they came home and got cleaned up and played.
They both slept good. Here Maddie wanted to play babies this morning.
Then they wanted to play the Dora Chutes and Ladder game.
A little later the girls went to Memaw Nephew's wife Baby Shower Rachel Roach.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy Birthday Ellie

Today we went to Cracker Barrel on Ellie's request to celebrate Ellie's and Memaw's Birthday. Mom, Dad, Ellie, Maddie, Papaw, Memaw, Uncle Nick and Grandma was there.. Her she is with Memaw.
Here she is with her presents Memaw and Nick got her. First she got Charmini's from Nick.
Then she opened Memaw's. Barbie set, Flipzee, and a dress.
Something Memaw wanted to remember is Memaw picked Ellie up on Friday early at school to check her lungs. She has been coughing a lot. She ended up having strep. She can back to Memaw's house to stay till Mom came to get her.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Day Off From School

Today the the girls was off from school because the teachers had parent-teachers meetings. Dawn had to be there at 11:30. She brought them over around 10:45 because she had to meet up with Maddie's teacher first. Here is Maddie reading a book to her baby.
Ellie was looking through a book to give Memaw some ideas for Christmas.
Then they wanted to play Barbies. They got creative and used some boxes for the different rooms in the house. They both played so good together. They played till we had to leave for guitar for Ellie.
Here Ellie was showing Memaw one of her songs on the guitar.
Here Maddie wanted to sit in the guitar chair while waiting on Ellie.
When we got home they wanted to look at their scrapbooks. The other day Ellie made the comment why did Memaw take so many pictures? Her Dad had said something to her. Memaw told her today while she was looking at the books that is why she takes so many pictures, for the memories. Memaw cooked dinner while they did that then they ate.
After dinner Ellie got a shower before Mom came to get them at 7. Maddie got her pajamas on too.