Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Relaxing Sleepover

Ellie and Maddie stayed the night last night because Mom was having surgery on her teeth this morning. We just took it easy the last 2 days. When they first came over they ate and then they wanted their pj's on. Then they wanted a snack.
Then the girls wanted to play Frozen Trouble game. We even talked Papaw into playing. Maddie was so excited when she won.
Here is Maddie cuddling with Papaw this morning when she got up.
The girls slept good and got up around 8 this morning. Here is Ellie with Memaw.
Ellie wanted to make some snowflakes. Memaw helped Maddie make a couple.
We hung them up on our front windows.
Here is Ellie playing on Memaw's computer.
Here Maddie was coloring.
Then Ellie played with the Dora stuff and Maddie played with the People.
Here they are building things with the Legos in which they played for awhile before they ate Pizza and Memaw took them back home around 5:15.
They both were great today.