Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Memories

Today Memaw had dinner and everyone came over to celebrate Christmas. When the girls got here around 11:30 Memaw got a picture with all the grandkids.
Then we got ready to eat.
Then when everyone got done they opened gifts. The grandkids opened theirs first, one by one. The girls opened their stockings first. Memaw got them a Password Journal. They were excited about that.
Then they started with their gifts. Memaw and Papaw got Ellie some supplies for her American girls doll-clothes, wheelchair kit, shoes. She got an outfit,Live Dog,Kindle gift card,diamond earrings, Frozen jewelry box. She got a Mindcraft Lego set from Uncle Nick and American Girl crafts from Aunt Shannon and Derrionne.
Maddie got American Girls supplies too. She got some clothes and all camping gears-tent,sleeping bag, stove for her doll. She also got earrings, an outfit,Live dog,Frozen Jewelry box. She got a Doc McStuffin set from Uncle Nick, and some American girl doll craft from Aunt Shannon and Derrionne,
Then everyone else got to open their gifts. Then they got a picture with Aunt Shannon and Derrionne.
Here the girls is with Mom and Dad.
Then we got a family photo.
Then the girls played with their Password Journal. They had a kick putting passwords on them and intruder alert.
Another great Christmas in the book. Everyone seemed please with what they got.