Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wrapping Gift, Hatchimal Hatching

On Saturday the girls stayed with us awhile. Here they are laying with Papaw watching Santa Claus.
This morning Ellie wanted to wrap Papaw's present from Memaw.
When Mom dropped the girls off for Memaw to watch this evening Ellie brought 2 ornaments she got from the ornament shop at school. She said they were Memaw and Papaw.
Maddie had made some football helmets shapes in the inside recess. She gave Memaw and Papaw each one.

Maddie had gotten a Hatchimal for her Birthday and she hasn't had time to hatch it yet. Since she was going to be here for awhile she did it at Memaw's. Maddie was nervous at first then she got excited.
Here it was dancing.