Saturday, December 3, 2016

Maddie's Friends Birthday Party

Today Maddie had her friends Birthday party. There was 9 kids there including Ellie and Maddie.
Here is Maddie before it started. She had it at Earth and Fire.
Memaw took pictures of her friends as they came in. Isabella is next to Maddie with Taylor across the table.
Here is Ellie and Emily.
Here is Emmet.
Here is Kendal.
Here is Layla.
Here is Cameron.
Here is Maddie's cupcakes she had. They were rainbow with puffy icing. They were the theme Trolls.
Here Ellie and Maddie is working on their pottery. Ellie's was the word Dream and Maddie picked a penguin.
Here is Maddie when we sang to her.
Here she is enjoying her cupcake.
Here she is opening her gifts. She got several homemade cards from her friends.
Then we took a picture of the group. A serious one and a goofy one.
Maddie got a lot of nice gifts and had a fun time at her party.