Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving, Maddie's Birthday Gifts

Today it was time for Memaw to step up and make the Thanksgiving Dinner since Granny passed away. Memaw had to cook for 14, Mom, Dad, Ellie, Maddie, Aunt Shannon, Cousin Tyler, Derrionne, Uncle Nick, Papaw, Memaw, and Memaw invited Papaw's sister and family Charlotte, Pat, Eric, Michael. Here are the girls when they got there.
Here they are eating.
Here is the rest of the ones there.
Here is the girls with Tyler.
Then the girls wanted one with Aunt Shannon.
Here is Ellie, Mom and Aunt Shannon.
Here the girls are with mom and dad.
Everyone got plenty to eat and had lots of fun talking. After they all left Memaw started on her tree and then Maddie came back to stay the night. Ellie stayed with Grandma. Maddie helped Memaw finish up the tree.
Then she wanted to open her Birthday presents. Memaw let her open them early because mom wasn't doing a family get together for her Birthday only a friend one. Memaw got her a hatchimal, troll, and an outfit. Uncle Nick got her 2 sets of Twozies.
She was excited about all of it and played awhile with them till she started getting tired. Here she is ready for bed.