Sunday, November 20, 2016


On Wednesday Mom and Dad had to go out of town till Sunday. Memaw and Papaw kept the girls. When Memaw picked them up from school they came home and done their homework.
After dinner the girls had to go to dance. Memaw took Maddie and Papaw took Ellie.
When Maddie got home Memaw got her a bath before Ellie got in. Then shortly later they went to bed.
The next morning before school Ellie played with her Hatchimal and Maddie ate some donuts.
Here they are ready for school on Thursday.
When they got home from school it was nice outside so they went out.
After dinner Maddie had to make a disguised Turkey. She made it a Shopkin one.
Here they are after baths.
Then Ellie wanted her nails done like Memaw's
Here they are ready for bed.
Here they are Friday before school.
Memaw and Papaw picked the girls up early at 2 to take them to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel/ Nashville. Post below to follow on that.

Gaylord Opryland Hotel/ Nashville

On Friday we got the girls from school, dropped their backpacks off at home and got on the road. We brought snacks and a DVD player for them to watch. We got to Nashville around 5:30 and checked in.

Then we went to the Opry Mill Mall to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe on Ellie's request. We road the bus over.
Here is the dessert Ellie was waiting for a Sparkling Volcano. Brownie with ice cream.
Here they are ready for bed that night. They each got an stuffed toy at the Cafe.

Here they are ready to walk around the hotel till it was time for going to see Ice Sculptures.
Here we are ready to walk in the Ice Sculptures exhibit. We all had to wear Parkas because it was 9 degrees in there. Ellie loved the ice slide.
Then we went back to the hotel to do the Elf on the shelf Scavenger Hunt. The girls were so excited. There was 10 to find, in which a few were hard. They had to do all 10 at one time. They were wore out and so were Memaw and Papaw when we got done.
Here they are when they got all of them. They got a coloring but of Elves.
Then we decide to go on the River Boat cruise in the hotel to relax. On our way we past Santa and since there was only 1 waiting the girls wanted to see him.
Then we went to the boat.
Then we ate.
Then we went to the room to relax. Maddie laid down with her coloring book and Ellie did her sticker book Memaw got her.
Before we left the hotel to see How the Grinch Stole Christmas we went for ice cream.
While we waiting for the bus to come take us to the Musical we looked at some of the outside lights.
We had good seats at the Musical. Here the girls are waiting for it to begin.
When we got back to the hotel we got packed up and ready to head out today. Maddie didn't take to long. Ellie wanted to watch a movie. She didn't watch to much before she gave out.
When we got up we headed to the Cracker Barrel to eat.
We got home around 1. The girls played awhile and then mom wanted Memaw to get them baths before she got them at 6.