Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ellie's 9th Birthday Party

Tonight Ellie had her 9th birthday party with the family and a couple of friends. Here she is with Emily and Kendal.
Here is Ellie with Memaw.
Here she eating pizza.
Here she is with her ice cream cake.
Here she is eating a piece.
Here she is opening her gifts. Memaw and Papaw got her a Hatchimal, trolls, and an outfit. Uncle Nick got her some trolls too. She also got some Shopkins, Callico house, jacket, and some other few things.
She was so excited about the Hatchimal. She had to have it opened and watched it hatch. It was the highlight of the night. Everyone got a kick out of it trying to hatch. Here she was keeping it warm first. Maddie was so cute and funny in the middle of it. She said out of the blue "I can't wait to be an Aunt." That got a laugh out of everyone.
 She had another great birthday this year.