Tuesday, November 8, 2016

History Making Day

Today was Election day. The two candidates is Hillary Clinton which will be first lady president or Donald Trump someone with no political experience. Either way history will be made today. I went to bed and got up and found out that Donald Trump won. Now we just have to leave it all in God's hands, just glad it is all over. The girls were off from school and mom had to work and had a dentist app this morning. She had Parent -Teachers meetings. She dropped them off around 7:15. After they were here a little bit they ate and then they wanted to color in their books. Maddie wanted the same one as Ellie. Memaw had gotten then some books down in Tennessee and went ahead and gave them to the girls today. They were so excited that they colored every chance they got today. Here they are coloring in them with their colored pencils.
Then Memaw had to go to Bible Study.
When we got done we came home and stay a little bit then we went to Dairy Queen before Ellie had to go to Karate.
Here Ellie came up to the window at Karate and told Memaw to take a picture.