Monday, October 17, 2016

Back To School

Today the girls went back to school after 2 week Fall Break. Normally Maddie isn't a happy camper but she came over in a good mood ready to go back. Ellie took a little bit because she didn't want to go to gym today at school. Memaw took a picture of them.
Here are some pictures Memaw took of them on Fall Break. Last Thursday the girls came over for awhile. Uncle Nick had put up his villages for Christmas. Yes Memaw knows that it is early but he loves his Christmas decorations and it is in his room.
On Friday Dawn and the girls ran into Memaw and Papaw at the Jay C's. Ellie wanted to spend the night. When she did she helped Uncle Nick put some ornaments on his tree.
This one she put on is one that she made for him in 2010.
When Maddie came over this morning they had left a few ornaments for her to do.