Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall Break Vacation-Sevierville/ Gatlinburg- Day 1

Awhile back Papaw and Memaw told the family we would get a cabin for the whole family to stay in. On Sunday, Dawn, Bob and the girls met us there at the cabin in Sevierville. She asked if she could bring Bob's mom since she has been wanting to go. She was so excited to be going. We brought Uncle Nick and Cousin Tyler. Aunt Shannon wasn't able to go. When Memaw got there she took a few pictures of the cabin. It was a very nice 4 bedroom.
Here is a picture of the girls when they got there.
Here they are playing on the playground which was next to our cabin.
Here are the girls with Memaw and Grandma by some pumpkins near our cabin.

Here Tyler was trying to teach them to play pool in the playroom.
Here we were at the Apple Barn restaurant.
Then we took a few pictures out on their porch. One with Mom and one with Uncle Nick.
Then we went to The Island in Pigeon Forge. A must see when you are in the area. Memaw rode the large Ferris wheel with the grandkids. They were fine till we stopped at the top and the girls got a little scared.
When we got done we went back to the cabin.