Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ellie's Huber's Field Trip

Today Ellie had a field trip to Huber's Farm. Memaw went with her. After all the buses got there we went for story time first about Johnny Appleseed.
Then we had to walk up the hill to listen about how to pick apples off the trees before we went to pick some.
First we went in where they were cleaning and separating the apples.
Here is Ellie picking her 4 apples and her with them afterwards.
Then we got on a wagon to go pick a pumpkin. Here is a selfie with Memaw.
When we got here they all got bags to carry it.
Here is Ellie picking her pumpkin and holding it in her bag. She wouldn't take it out.
Here is Memaw with Ellie.
Here is Ellie eating lunch. That is all she talked about all morning.
Here she is at the Rope Maze.
Then she went in the Bamboo Maze. At first she wouldn't go in because it was dark. Memaw went in first then we went through it. Then she kept going back and staying in there with all the kids. They were having a blast in there getting wet and muddy.
When they finally came out they went to the go carts.
Here Ellie wanted to show Mom how muddy she was getting. She was mild according to some of the kids.
Then Ellie wanted pictures with her group looking through the holes.
Then just before we left Ellie wanted one with this one.
We had a fun time despite the rain and mud this morning.
Here are a few pictures Memaw took this week. First is Maddie and Ellie looking through a book letting Memaw know what they want for their Birthday and Christmas yesterday.
Here is Maddie after she got a bath while waiting on Mom yesterday.