Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly Post- Spirit Week, Dance, Parade

This week was Spirit Week at the school. Tuesday was crazy sock day. Here the girls are showing Memaw their socks.
On Wednesday it was Super Hero Day.
On Wednesday night Maddie and Ellie had dance. Ellie goes to Weber's and Maddie started a new one in town. They both collide at the same time. Mom drops Maddie off and Memaw goes to pick her up while Mom takes Ellie to Jeff. The last few minutes the teacher let us come in to see them dance.
When Maddie got done we came home and Memaw got her a bath before Mom came to get her.
Here she is playing afterwards.
On Thursday was wear your favorite team shirt.
After school Mom brought the girls by so Memaw can take them to the parade. Mom was in the parade. Here the girls are having a snack while we waited for the parade.
Then they moved up with their bags.
Here Maddie was sitting with her friend in her class Cameron Lee. Then Cooper and Ellie joined them.
Here was Mom on her float and her throwing candy at the girls.
Here they are after getting some candy.
Afterwards we all went to the Copper Kettle to eat.
Today Mom texted and asked Memaw if she could go get Ellie from school. She was sick. Memaw went to get her and she looked so pitiful. She came in and laid down.
Then Mom called and ask if Memaw could take her to the Nurse Practitioner at her school. We went and she told Ellie she tested positive for strep. She was hungry so Memaw gave her some Sherbet.
Then she laid down and finally fell asleep.
Around 3:45 Dad came to get her.