Thursday, September 1, 2016

Weekly Post-Happy Birthday Papaw

On Saturday Mom called and asked if Memaw wanted to go to the Disney store with the girls. They were so excited when we got there.
Mom told them they both can spend $20. Maddie picked something Doc McStuffin. It was hard for Ellie to pick something there because she is getting older. She did decide on 2 Barbies.
Memaw had gotten them both a Frozen art set. Here Ellie is looking at it on Monday.
Here is Maddie with hers.
Here Maddie is making a card for Papaw's Birthday.
Here Ellie made him something too.
On Tuesday when Papaw came home the girls got a picture with Papaw for his birthday. Bailey had to jump in it.
Then they wanted one without Bailey.
Here they gave their cards to Papaw.
On Wednesday Memaw had to take Ellie to Karate. Here Maddie is after Memaw got her dress while Ellie was doing Karate. Maddie had to go to dance after Karate. We met Mom.
Here Ellie is showing Memaw her new outfit today. She made sure to let me know it was an Under Armour one.
Memaw worked on Maddie's homework this morning. She had to read a book with spiders in it. Here she is showing Memaw one of them in the book. She wanted Memaw to take a picture so she could send it to Maddie's teacher who is afraid of spiders.
Here Maddie is in a new dress that Mom bought while we were at the mall on Saturday,