Sunday, August 14, 2016

Weekend Treat- Sleepover, Bridal Shower

On Friday Memaw picked the girls up from school to spend the night. When we got home we got ready to go eat at Pizza King. Here is Maddie with Uncle Nick and Papaw.
Here Ellie is with Memaw.
When we got home the girls got a bath. Here they are playing Barbies.
A little later Maddie wanted to do her pages she missed from her sick days at school.
Here Ellie was relaxing with the dog Bailey.
A little later Mom came to visit. Maddie ended up going home with her. Maddie has been having anxiety attacks at night ever since she was sick on Tuesday night and Wednesday. She is scared she is going to get sick. When she left Ellie decided to draw a picture of her family.
Yesterday morning after she got up and ate she played with the Polly Pockets.
Then she wanted to play with her stickers and ink stamps.
Around 1:30 we got ready to go to a Bridal Shower for Audrey Grimes. Mom was suppose to meet us there but she had a bad headache that was making her sick and dizzy. Here is Ellie ready to go.
Here is the bride to be Audrey Grimes.
 Here is the yummy cupcakes and cookies.
Here she is with her mom Patti.
Here is a picture of Memaw and Ellie at the shower.
Here Audrey is opening Memaw's gift a paper towel holder and mixing bowls.
When we got home Memaw and Papaw had decided to go to church last night because Uncle Nick had to work this morning.  We checked with mom to see if Ellie could go with us because she wanted to go. Mom said sure. Here is Ellie by her check-in station.
Then we went to eat at Red Lobster. On our way there Memaw knew Mom was still sick so she asked if Ellie could just stay again last night. She said yes. Ellie was so excited. She said it is just a Memaw and Ellie weekend.
When we got home she got ready for bed. She watched a little tv and played a little IPAD.
She slept good and got up to eat. Then she relaxed a little before doing anything.
Here she is waiting on dad that got here about 11 to pick her up this morning.