Thursday, August 11, 2016

Weekly Post- New Books, Sick One

On Monday before the girls went to school Maddie wanted to play on the computer.
Here Ellie was just being lazy.
On Tuesday the girls was so color coordinated.
Here is Maddie with a smile and blushing after she told Memaw that a boy name Emmett was more into her than any other girls. Memaw asked why and she said because he is always looking at her and smiling. Oh no it is already starting.
Here is Ellie acting silly.
Tuesday Memaw got some books in for the girls that she ordered. On Wednesday Ellie got to see hers. Maddie stayed home sick with Mom. She had been vomiting all day.
One of the books she asked for was The Giving Tree. She said that Mrs Richardson had read it on the first day of school last year.
Here she is showing Memaw her new house shoes Memaw got her.
Today Maddie stayed with Memaw because she had a fever this morning. Dad took Ellie to school. You couldn't tell Maddie was sick today as active she was. Memaw had to take her to the school nurse to see if she had strep in which she didn't. Here she is saying she is going to be the teacher and read this book to Memaw. She did good, but I think she did it on memory.
Then she wanted to play with the Kenectic Sand.
Here she is showing Memaw her new house shoes. She said they matched perfect today. She wore them all day because she said they were so comfortable.
Here she is working a puzzle.
After lunch Memaw got her to lay down for a little while even though she didn't go to sleep.
Here she is playing with a baby doll.
Then she played peoples before dinner. Mom and Ellie came to dinner too. After they got done they left.