Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weekly Post

On Monday the girls were just laying around being lazy when they got here that morning.
On Tuesday they were excited to see the dolls Elena of Avalor and sister had come in.
When we get to the school Ellie gets up front and Maddie scoots over to get out the side door by school. She thinks it is so cool.
Yesterday they were looking through a catalog that Memaw had they were telling Memaw what they wanted out of there. Memaw has gotten a start for their Birthday or Christmas- November or December.
While Ellie was looking at the book Memaw got Maddie a bath because she fell asleep the night before on Mom and didn't get one. Here she is showing Memaw her shirt.
After Memaw realized the girls both had on Pirates shirts before we left Memaw got a picture of them together.
Then they wanted one by themselves.
Today they were lazy again.