Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Count Down to School- 1 Day

Today the girls woke up around 8. Here is Ellie after she got up.
Maddie wasn't going to fast.
Here they are playing play doe.
The girls just had to watch the movie "Miracle From Heaven" again.
About when it was over Maddie wanted to lay down. Come to find out she didn't like the part  of the girls falling in tree.
Here Maddie is painting.
After lunch they colored in their adult coloring books.
When Mom came to get them around 3 they left to go take Ellie to Karate. Then they met Memaw at their school to meet the teachers. We went to Maddie's class first. She got Miss. Harbin the same teacher Ellie had for Kindergarten.
Then we went to meet Ellie's teacher. She got a new one to JJ. her name is Mrs. Sonner.
Then Memaw got a few pictures in the front halls. Good Luck and have fun this year in school girls.
Memaw can't believe the end has come that Maddie is going to all day school and won't be with Memaw all day. Memaw had so much fun watching these two grow up to beautiful girls. Love them both so much. Memaw is so glad that she got the opportunity to be able to keep them.