Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Count Down To School- 2 Days

Today the girls came over around 7:15 while Mom went to work. They have 2 days left before they go to school. They ate shortly after they got here. Then they played Legos.
Then Ellie decided to make a bracelet for her and a friend at school. She didn't finish it yet.
Then they went to Bible Study with Memaw.
Then they came home and ate. Here is Ellie playing with the dog before we went to Karate.
Here she is ready to go.
When we got back home they wanted to watch the movie"Miracle From Heaven" again.
After dinner we went to 62 Twist for some ice cream.
Then they came home and got baths. Here Ellie is showing her Mickey Mouse ears with her new gown. They stayed the night tonight because Mom had a late night at school.
Here is Maddie after her bath.
Then they wanted to make cards for their teachers.Here is Maddie's.
Then Ellie made one too.
Here they are ready for bed.