Monday, July 25, 2016

Count Down To School-3 Days

Today Mom went back to school today. Maddie and Ellie starts back on Thursday. When the girls got here early this morning they were tired and their allergies were bothering them. Memaw thought it was going to be a rough day but it got better. Here is what they did for about an hour.
Then Ellie decided to play with the Dora stuff.
Maddie wanted a selfie with Memaw.
It was short lived for Ellie to play then she wanted to lay back down.
Then Maddie wanted to lay in Memaw's bed where it was darker. Then she went to sleep for over an hour.
Right before Maddie got up Ellie wanted to watch the "Miracle From Heaven" that Memaw picked up. She played with her Polly Pockets too.
Then Maddie got up and watched it too. They were so into it. They loved it. They kept asking Memaw about Memaw's niece and when she got her gastroparasis. I told them she was a little older than the girl in the movie. She was in the seventh grade. It was a great lesson for them about faith. Ellie was so excited to go tell her teacher on Sunday in Sunday School because that is what they been talking about for a month-Faith.
Then we went to get some lunch at Subway. Then they wanted to look at their scrapbooks Memaw has for them. They were so sentimental about some of the pictures. They would point and say aw there is Granny or MaMaw- Memaw grandmother. Maddie said after Memaw told her that she will get the books when she graduates she said "It is going to be hard to see all the memories and it will be sad to see how I grown." Now she knows how Memaw feels looking at them. Maddie even pointed out how some of her pictures in her book look like Ellie.
Then they played with the Ponies.
Then they played with the Legos for quite awhile till Mom came around 4. Then they ate dinner with us before they left. Memaw had enjoyed today and the time she got to spend with them.