Friday, July 22, 2016

Weekly Post

Memaw only watched the girls a couple of days this week. Memaw only took pictures on Wednesday. They had gone to VBS this week at Charlestown Independent Church. Mom helped with the crafts. Memaw had to pick them up on Wednesday because Mom had an appointment. Here the girls are in their shirts they wore today. It was the superhero theme there.
Here Maddie was practicing reading some books Memaw got her.
Here they are looking through their seek and find books Memaw got them.
A little later Memaw had to take them to meet Mom to get haircuts. Then Maddie came back over while Ellie went to Karate. Then they came back to eat before they left. Here Maddie is with her 5 inches cut off.
Then she wanted to take out her ponytail for Memaw to see how long it was.
Here Memaw caught Maddie watching tv while I was cooking.
Here are a couple of pictures of the girls while they were at VBS today.