Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekly Post- Gymnastics, Lost Tooth, 4H-Fair

On Monday Mom went up to the school to start getting her classroom ready. The girls came over for a little while. Ellie is into an app Mind Craft and she likes playing it all of the time.
Maddie decided to play with the Dora stuff.
Then we played Old Maid.
On Wednesday night Mom text Memaw and sent a picture of Maddie after she pulled one of her own tooth. Here she is when she came over yesterday for Memaw to take her to gymnastics and she showed Memaw.
Then we got a selfie.
Here she is ready to go.
Last night Memaw went to the fair and met up with the girls and Mom and Dad. Ellie was wanting someone to ride the rides with her. One of the rides no one would go on it with her. She talked Memaw into going on it with her. Memaw is not a ride person. That is what you call love.
Then Papaw went on the Ferris wheel with Ellie and Maddie.
Then the girls went into the house of glass.
Then they went on the barrels.
Then Ellie got on the barrels with Cameron Lee.
Then Ellie got on the Tilt-a Whirl with Cooper Lee.
Then Ellie got on another ride.
Then the girls went walking with Memaw and Papaw to the booths. Here they are with sticking their heads through a hole.
Then they got bookmarks from the Library booth and heart crayons and coloring sheets from First Baptist Church Booth. And a course a ballon in which is in the picture.
Memaw enjoyed spending the time with the girls.