Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quick Trip to Fishers/ Muncie

Last night after the girls Papaw Jenkins funeral dinner, Memaw and Papaw took them to stay at Fishers Indiana. Memaw had planned it for about 2 months and it worked out great to get the girls away for a couple days. The girls were so excited to be going. All they talked about was going swimming and getting in the hot tub. They thought since we were getting up there later that they wouldn't be able to go. Here is Maddie on the way and Ellie.
When we got to the hotel they were acting silly with the beds. They kept saying that the beds were so comfortable.
Then we went to eat at Subway which was right by the hotel.
While we were sitting there the girls wanted to go meet one of Mom's friend that lived up in Fishers. Mom didn't know if we wanted to because it was already 8 and knew the girls wanted to go swimming. I texted Mom and told her that was ok because the pool was open till 11. So after we ate we met Amy at the Ice Cream place Handel for Ice Cream. They were excited to see her as well as she was them.
When we got back to the hotel it was about 9 and the girls got their bathing suits on. They wanted to get in the hot tub first.
Then they got in the pool. Papaw stayed with Maddie while Ellie swam by herself.
About 10 we came back up and got baths. Then the girls ate a small snack.
Then lights were off at 11. Memaw let them stay up later because they could sleep till they got up today.
Ellie was up at 7:15 and Maddie about 8.
Then we went down to eat and then we came back up and got ready to leave to go to Muncie. Memaw had heard about a Museum that had things about the Wizard Of Oz in it. The girls was wanting to go several month ago. Papaw too a picture of Memaw and the girls first before we left.
Here they are standing in the entrance to the Wizard of Oz exhibit.
Here they are with Dorthy's shoes.
Here they are sitting on the bike of the witch.
Here the girls is standing in the sideways house. It was on a tilt.
Since the museum wasn't a lot like Memaw thought it would be I told them we can check out the Chuck E Cheese place and play games. It was a very nice place not like the one here at home.
Then we went to Steak-N-Shake on the girls request there in Fishers before we headed home.
They both slept most of the way home.
They both seemed to enjoyed themselves. Memaw is glad that she got to take them and keep their minds busy from the passing of Papaw Jenkins. It has really bothered Ellie. She got real upset about it.