Monday, July 4, 2016

In Memory Of Papaw Jenkins

This fourth of July was sure a different one. Yesterday they called in Hosparus for Bob's Dad. He has been bad off and on and went in the hospital the other day with Pneumonia. Dawn and Bob brought the girls over today around 8 and headed out to the hospital. She texted and said they were taking him off his ventilator at 11. Around 2 or 3 she texted and said he had passed. Mom came and got the girls a little after 5 to take them over to Grandma's to tell them about Papaw. When the girls got here they were tired and laid around.
They pretty much were lazy all day. Right before dinner they were laying down again.
Papaw had picked some beans from the garden for dinner and the girls wanted to break them.
Here is a post in Memory of Papaw Jenkins. Papaw Jenkins had a special place with Ellie too that Memaw hadn't talked much about. He shared a Birthday with Ellie also along with Memaw. Memaw usually didn't take many pictures on that side of the family. Memaw knew Mom was taking care of that. He had a knack in putting the girls to sleep when they were little. He would play card games with them too. Memaw took some picture from Mom's post. Here are some pictures of the girls with him. First is Ellie.
 Here he is with Maddie.
Then them together.
He will be missed by a lot of people. Rest in Peace Bob!