Sunday, July 3, 2016

Surprised Sleepover

Yesterday mom called and asked Memaw if we could keep the girls while she went to the hospital to visit Papaw Jenkins. We they came over they were so excited. Here Maddie is looking on while Ellie was on her IPAD.
Then Maddie wanted to play with the Dora stuff.
Ellie got out the Peoples set.
Maddie decided Peoples looked more fun so she played too.
Then they ate and was a little tired so they wanted to lay down and watch a movie "Parent Trap".
Then when it went off it was getting later so Memaw went ahead and got them baths. Then they wanted to watch the movie "Annie".
Then about 9:00 Mom wasn't still here so Memaw let them go lay down in the bed and watch tv. Shortly later Mom just asked if they just wanted to stay the night. Of course they were excited about that.
After sleeping good the girls got up and ate a little then they got ready for church.
After church they wanted Culver's to eat. They had to get a picture with Uncle Nick, Papaw and Memaw.
While we were there Mom called and was in Clarksville so she just met us there and took the girls.