Monday, June 20, 2016

Craft Day

Today Memaw took the girls again for Craft Day at Michael's. It was the theme Under the Sea. First up the girls had to put on aprons.
The first project they had to paint a toilet paper roll white for an octopus.
While that dried they worked on making a clothes pin whale.
Then they started gluing on tissue dots on the roll.
Then they put tissue paper string on it. Maddie's first then Ellie's.
Then they worked on their journal page with a Mermaid on it.

When we got home and ate Ellie wanted to get her 4 H project done that Memaw was helping her with. She had to add to her book of Chloe-Pet and Me. Here she is working on the first page.
Here is her 2nd page.
Working on 3rd page.
The last and 4th page.
Then they weren't done wanting to do pages so they both did a page for Memaw's refrigerator. Here is Ellie's first then Maddie's.