Monday, June 13, 2016

Water Park

Last night the girls came over for a little while. When Mom got back to get them Ellie ended up staying the night. Here is Maddie from last night.
Maddie wanted to take a picture of Memaw and Ellie.
Here is Ellie after she got her bath.
Here she was playing with Papaw's tablet after he put some stuff on it for the girls.
This morning Ellie finished reading her book.
Around 11 Memaw got the girls ready to take to the water park.
For about a half hour we had the park to ourselves.
Then they took a snack break.
Then Ellie kept saying I wish Mrs Richardson would come and bring Bella. An by the time she got done with her snack they did come.
Here Maddie was playing with a girls she met.
2 hours later we left. Here they are when we got home. Maddie kept saying all my energy is gone.
Memaw was glad that they enjoyed themselves. Memaw doesn't have a lot more days to have fun with them before Mom is off.