Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Gymnastics and Karate

Last night Maddie spent the night with Memaw. Here she is wanting to cuddle with Memaw.
After Ellie got here this morning and they ate and played a bit Memaw had to take Maddie to gymnastics. During the summer they have day hours. Here she is ready to go.
Here her teacher is teaching her how to hold her legs up. The pictures of her gymnastics didn't come out to good this week because if the glass.
Here are a few more pictures.
 Then we went to Chick-fil-a till before we had to take Ellie to summer time Karate.
When they got done eating they wanted to play a little in the play area. Ellie kept looking through this glass trying to get Memaw to take her picture.
Then it was off to Karate. Here is Ellie dressed and showing Memaw her move.
When we got back home they played with their baby dolls and stuff till mom got here to pick them up.
Then they wanted to take them outside to play.