Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Library Time And just Hanging Out Day

First up the girls came over last night while mom had a meeting to go to. They have been all about watching Full House. Memaw had gotten all of the seasons. Here they are after their bath watching them.
When they came over this morning they were still in their Pj's. Here Ellie is making door knob decoration.
Then she decided she wanted to make a book. Of course Maddie did too.
Then we got ready to go to the Library for craft day. Maddie is in the same group as Ellie now. They were excited to go take their books back to get more.
Here they are looking at their books before they went for craft time.
Here is what they made today. It was balloon twisting class.
When we got home they rested and ate before Ellie had to get ready to go to the Phantom of the Opera with Mom.
Here is Maddie settling down before we went to lay down and cuddle. She spent the night with Memaw because Mom was going to be late.
Memaw is sure going to miss the girls after this month. Next month Mom will be off from any school and will be keeping them. Memaw may get them off and on. Maddie starts all day school this year. Memaw is not going to know what to do without her and them here.