Thursday, June 2, 2016

Weekly Post- Ellie's Last Day Of School

On Tuesday while Ellie was waiting to go in to school Ellie leaned over to Maddie and asked Memaw to take a picture.
On Tuesday when Memaw went to Bible Study Maddie got to see Christie's baby and hold her, Lucy. She was so tickled.
On Tuesday Ellie had field day at school and was soaked and wet so when she got to Memaw's she got a bath. Maddie got one after supper. They stayed later because Mom had Honor's Day at school.
On Wednesday Ellie came over dressed similar to Memaw. Memaw called us twinsees.
Yesterday Memaw took Maddie shopping to get her a few outfits to stay at Memaw's house. Of course she wanted a toy and a hat.
Today was Ellie's last day of school for the 2nd Grade.
She has grown up so much from the first day of school.
 Today Maddie started doing her gymnastics on Thursday morning instead of evening during the summer.
Here she is doing some of her gymnastics.