Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Last night the girls spent the night. Ellie had her bath already when she came over.
Here they are ready for bed.
They slept good and got up and ate and got dress before they played. Here Ellie is on the computer.
Here Maddie is showing Memaw her outfit.
Here they were playing Scooby Doo.
Here they are with Memaw.
Then they went outside before everyone came over to eat. Here is Maddie playing in the sandbox.
Here the girls is with Uncle Nick.
Here the girls are with Tyler. He was the first one here now that he is driving.
Ellie had made Tyler a rubber band bracelet for his birthday and wanted to give it to him.
Here is everyone sitting around talking after we ate. Bob and Dawn came. Aunt Charlotte, Pat, Michael and Eric came. Aunt Shannon and Derrionne came too. The girls and and Tyler was already here.
We sang to Tyler after dinner and everyone ate cake or dessert. Here is Tyler looking at one of his presents.
Here he is licking the Reynold Wrap from the icing from cake, while the girls was looking on.
Everyone enjoyed themselves and ate plenty. There were lots of fun times and laughs.