Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ellie's 2nd Grade Award Ceremony and Weekly Post

Today was Ellie's 2nd Grade award ceremony. She was dress so cute when she got here this morning.
Here Ellie was waiting to get her awards.
Here she is getting her awards. She got Writing, Music, Wellness Club and Hairspray Jr. award and all A's. Memaw is very proud of her.
Then 2 kids from each class got a principal award. Ellie was honored with one.
Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Richardson.
 On Monday Maddie wanted to go out and do bubbles and hopscotch. She made her own hopscotch.
On Tuesday it was good to see this smiling face again. She had been sick for a week and didn't smile much.
Yesterday Maddie played out back.
Today Memaw met Mom, Dad and Maddie at Ellie's school. Dad brought Maddie. She was so cute. When we got home she told Memaw that she could take a picture of her. She had to have the front and back taken. She told Memaw you have to see her pony tail.