Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekly Post

On Tuesday Maddie went to Bible Study with Memaw. They always like going to play.
On Wednesday Maddie wanted Memaw to build her a fort.
Later she was reading her Bible stories to her baby. Memaw was so surprise at all of the stories she knew.
All week Ellie hasn't felt good stuffy nose and sore throat. On Thursday she started to run a fever at school and was coughing. Memaw went to pick her up from school. Mom made her an appointment with the school nurse at the high school. She tested positive for strep. Poor baby girl, no wonder she was feeling so bad. Here is a picture Memaw took of her yesterday. This is the best smile Memaw could get of her.
Here is Maddie playing a match game with Memaw that she got out of her High Five Book.
When Ellie got home she ate and then she laid down on Memaw's bed. Here is the dog Bailey laying with her. She told me that he was the only one that made her smile.
Today Memaw talked to Mom and Ellie was feeling a little better with no fever. Now Maddie is running a fever and has a sore throat. Hope not strep too. Update on Saturday Maddie went to the doctor and found out she had strep too. Hope Memew doesn't get it.