Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Maddie's Preschool Graduation

Tonight Maddie graduated from Preschool. She was so cute. Here she was before we left home.

Here she is with Memaw, Papaw, and Uncle Nick.
Here she is with Mom and Ellie dad didn't get to make it.
Here is Maddie with her teachers Mrs. Latham and Mrs. Jill and Mom put Ellie in the picture because she had them too.
Here she is with her friends Ada and Cescily.

Here she is with Ellie, Hayley and Lucy.
Here she is walking in.
Here they are getting them on risers.
Here they are performing.
Here she is getting her diploma and goodie bag.
They all did such a great job. They were so cute to watch. After all diplomas were done we took a few pictures then left. Memaw can't believe Maddie is heading to Kindergarten. Just don't seem possible. She as grown up so much this last year-so sad.