Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sleepover With a Day Off

Today the girls was off for the election. Dawn was too but she had to go to IUS today. Memaw asked if they could just spend the night since they were going to be here today and wouldn't have to get up as early. Here is Maddie after she ate dinner last night and got a bath. Ellie came over later after Karate.
Here is Ellie after she got home and got her bath.
Here is Maddie playing with her.
Here they are settling down for bed.
Here they are wanting to relax this morning.
After they got up and ate we went to the voting polls for Memaw to vote. Then we went to Memaw's Bible Study.
Then we went to Chick-fil-a and met Tyler there.
Then we went to Michael's because the girls was wanting some kind of coloring book. We also bought crafts to make for Mom for Mother's Day. That will be posted later.