Monday, May 2, 2016

A Field Trip To The Library

Today Maddie went to the Library on a field trip. Memaw went with her. Here they are at an intersection waiting for everyone to catch up.
Here they were lining up next to the Library.
Here they are listening to Miss April telling about the books there.
Here they were at the computer and she was showing them sights to find things. Here Maddie is pointing to something April asked about.
Here April is reading them a book.
Then they made a craft about the book. A puppet duck in a pond. First they made a pond out of a plate and colored it blue. Then they glued the duck together.
Here they are listening to April describe a bag they got to take home with goodies in it.
Then they lined up to leave.
When we got back they played on the playground a little then came in for a bit and then got ready to leave. First they did a few of the bug projects reports. Here is Maddie doing hers. At the end they all clapped.