Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Camp Kindergarten

Today Maddie had what they called Camp Kindergarten at JJ. It is where they get to meet teachers and see what is going on in Kindergarten. Here she is before we left to meet mom there. She was so excited to go.
When we got there we got a few pictures. Here she is next to her cousin Stella Berger and another girl. Stella'S mom teaches with mom.

Here Maddie is with Layla Hammond.
Here she is looking through her goodie bag before she went with the teachers.

When she came back to us she had this shirt on.
Here is the back of the shirt stating she is a class of 2029.
Memaw can't believe it is time for Maddie to be in Kindergarten. It is so sad seeing the youngest grandchild going to Kindergarten.